21 de março de 2015

Dmytri Stepanovych Bortniansky

Dmytri Stepanovych Bortniansky Russian: Дмитрий Степанович Бортнянский; alternative transcriptions of names are Dmytro,Dmitri, and Bortnyansky; 28 October 1751–10 October [O.S. 28 September] 1825) was a Russian composer and conductor of Ukrainian origin.

Bortniansky is best known today for his liturgical works and his prolific contributions to the genre of choral concertos. He was one of the "Golden Three" of his era, along with Artemy Vedel and Maksym Berezovsky. Bortniansky composed in many different musical styles, including choral compositions in French, Italian, Latin, German and Church Slavonic.


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