16 de agosto de 2015

Sara Angelucci

The audio work Venetian Forest receives its title from an impossible place, as there are no forests in Venice, a city built on small islands and swamps whose buildings are supported by forests submerged below it. Therefore the work conjures an imaginary gathering of birds, in an imaginary place, a morning-chorus composed of bird sounds made using toy bird whistles. The first whistles collected for the project came from toy terra cotta whistles that were sold for children in local county fairs in Italy. Since collecting these first whistles, the collection has grown to include all kinds from around the world including those made with humble plastic, to more sophisticated “official” Audubon whistles. The work includes field recordings made while walking in Venice.

The Venetian Forest was created by Sara Angelucci in a live performance with Anne Fauteux and David Ogborn. Sounds of Venice recorded by David Ogborn. Sound mix for installation version by Phil Strong.

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