29 de agosto de 2016

International Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy

Learning (Singing): As shown in adult canaries, a learning behavior model, they modify their songs every year and continue to learn new songs in adulthood. Song syllables are delivered in a very stereotyped manner during the breeding season, and become less frequent and stereotypy after the breeding season ends. In the observations of song change results, the most dramatic change that occurs in the song circuits of adult canaries is neurogenesis and neuronal replacement in the HVC of brain region, an important nucleus in the brain that controls this learning behavior of canaries. 

Adult neurogenesis is thought to provide neural plasticity used in forming and storing new memories. New neurons continue to be added to the HVC of adult canaries, where they replace older neurons that have died . 

Therefore, the neurogenesis of adult canaries is responsible for the seasonal plasticity of learning behavior. The activating mechanisms of neuronal replacement in songbirds may contribute to the understanding of the repair of human brain damages and neuronal degeneration diseases.

Neural Stem Cells and their Niches in NeuroregenerationJong-Hang Chen1, Mei-Shu Chen1, Su-Liang Chen1 and Ing-Ming Chiu

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