20 de agosto de 2016

througj my window by AHAE

This work was recorded at Mark Knopfler's British Grove Studios in London, UK, with renowned producer Steve McLaughlin, premiered at an exhibition at the Louvre Museum, and performed at Palace of Versailles. This piece was commissioned by an important Korean foundation. Pedro H. da Silva and Lucia N. Caruso performed and recorded on Portuguese guitar and piano.

This is a composition inspired by the photos of birds playing and flying in the snow. It is a co-composition by Lucia Caruso and Pedro Henriques da Silva for the unique combination of Portuguese guitar and piano. 

It uses several themes from other pieces written for photographer AHAE's photos: the ‘falling snow’ motif and main melody from "Snow" by Pedro Henriques da Silva, and the ‘autumn’ and ‘birds taking flight’ themes from "Overture Through My Window: Birds Soaring in Autumn" by Lucia Caruso. Trills on the piano, and the arpeggios and light tremolo on the Portuguese guitar, represent the flight and wing movements of the birds, while the harmonics in the Portuguese guitar, the calm rhythm and frequent high register on both instruments represent cold and serenity in a white winter landscape.

Sounds from youtube