27 de Julho de 2014

Canaries with Hawaiian Orchestra

"My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes" (1931) recorded in London

Marion Harris

Peerless Orchestra The birds and the brook -1901

Birds and the Brook - Margaret McKee

Margaret McKee (1898 - 1960), known as "The Queen of Whistlers" was probably the most famous of professional whistlers during the 1920s. She was a pupil of Agnes Woodward at the California School of Artistic Whistling and performed as a teenager and young adult on the vaudeville circuit giving concerts throughout the United States and in Europe. She was a specialist in bird imitations and performed as a whistling soloist with orchestral accompaniment. She recorded on several record labels including Victor and Brunswick and once recorded with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. On the Grey Gull label, she used the pseudonym "Jane Emmett". In 1927 she appeared in a Vitaphone movie short, "Margaret McKee: Famous Whistler" in which she performed four selections.

The music "The Birds and the Brook" was published in 1893. Early recordings of this were done by the Metropolitan Orchestra (1902) and Arthur Pryor Orchestra (1904) for the Victor record label.

The Birds and the Brook

"The Golden Bird"- CANARY SOLO

Accordion music - Accordeonmuziek - Akkordeonmusik Französisch - Amelie - Harmonika instrumental solo - French Valse musette accordeon - Francesa musica accordeon - Acordeon Francia - El vals acordeon. Accordion song. Accordéon, valse musette "La Noyéé". One of the best accordion tophits composed by the accordion virtuoso, composer and performer Yann Tiersen who created beautiful accordion and piano music. Chanson accordéon populaire Francais. Musique Francais. Französische Akkordeonmusik Waltzer. Баян вальс. Fisarmonica valzer. вальс аккордеон франция.French accordion classic. Acordeon instrumentala.

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Why Are Fukushima Engineers Creating Walls Of Ice Under A Contaminated Nuclear Plant?

via Enformable.com / July 14, 2014 / Officials from the agriculture ministry told reporters on Monday that efforts to clean up debris at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant may have been the source of cesium that contaminated rice crops about twelve and a half miles away in the city of Minami Soma.

The officials suggested that the radioactive materials were transported by winds during debris removal work conducted in August 2013 at the Unit 3 reactor building and called for TEPCO, operator of the plant, to take measures to address the contamination.

According to the agriculture ministry in 2013 rice harvested from 14 paddies in Minami Soma contained cesium levels exceeding the 100 becquerels per kilogram safety limit set by the Japanese government. Investigations found that the contamination was found on the outside of the husks.

NHK is reporting that TEPCO told the agriculture ministry that it will begin using chemicals to suppress dust from spreading during future debris removal operations at the Unit 1 reactor building.

TEPCO plans to conduct debris removal operations at the Unit 1 reactor after they disassemble the covers that were installed to help stem the continuous release of radioactive materials from the crippled building from escaping.

Original Sources: NHK / Japan Times

Fukushima nuclear reactor No.5 plagued by radioactive leaks

Japan Newspaper: Leaks plaguing Fukushima No. 5 reactor — Experts: Indicates “deterioration in the system” — Report: Water contains up to 3,000 Bq/liter of Cobalt-60, had been used to cool spent fuel (PHOTOS) http://enenews.com/japan-newspaper-leaks-are-plaguing-fukushima-no-5-reactor-experts-this-indicates-deterioration-in-the-system-report-water-contains-up-to-3000-bqliter-of-cobalt-60-was-used-to-cool-spe?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ENENews+%28Energy+News%29
Asahi Shimbun
July 20, 2014: Water leaks continue to plague No. 5 reactor at Fukushima plant— A leak of radioactive water was found in the piping of water used to cool the spent fuel pool [...] a sign of possible deterioration in the system. [TEPCO] said water from the cooling pond leaked [...] TEPCO employee found a pool of water in each of two boxes–75 centimeters by 50 cm–that house a control valve in the cooling water piping system on the fifth floor [...] The water had collected to a depth of 9 cm in one box and 18 cm in the other. The water contained 2-3 becquerels of cobalt 60 per cubic centimeter [2,000 to 3,000 Bq/liter], according to the utility. This particular piping section has been unused since July 6, when a similar leak was discovered at another section. Experts say the continuing leaks indicate that valves are deteriorating, and that the utility’s inspections are inadequate. [...] the pumping of cooling water was temporarily halted after a leak in a similar piping system [inside the No. 6 reactor building] was detected on July 11.
TEPCO official: “We are aware that our approach proved to be lax as we were unable to detect the problem until the leak occurred. We are reviewing the way checks should be conducted.”
Similar incident at Unit 5 on July 6 — Fukushima Daiichi NPS Prompt Report, Jul 8, 2014: The cooling of the spent fuel pool of Unit 5 [...] was stopped due to seawater leak found at a pipe resumed cooling by another system at 15:40 today [...] A system that cools the spent fuel pool at Unit 5 has been stopped on July 6 2014, after seawater was found leaking from a pipe [...] the cooling of 994 fuel assemblies inside the spent fuel pool will be continued through another system [...]

Canários Carmelitas - Obrigado -Thank You - Danke- Gracias - Merci - Grazie

Visualizações de páginas por país

Gráfico dos países mais populares entre os visitantes do blogue
EntradaVisualizações de páginas
Estados Unidos

TSF - Terra-a-Terra

Canal Sur - Flamenco Radio

Acordeonistas Portugueses - Catarina Brilha

Julio Sosa

Julio María Sosa Venturini , más conocido como Julio Sosa y apodado El Varón del Tango, fue un cantante uruguayo de tango que alcanzó la fama en Buenos Aires en las décadas de 1950 y 1960.


Σεμινάριο - 1ος διαγωνισμός ΟΕΜ περιόδου 2012-2013

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Canário timbrado espanhol

Mit Ganczem Willen wünsch ich dir - Conrad Paumann - Música Antigua - Eduardo Paniagua

World of Medieval Music present
Mit Ganczem Willen wünsch ich dir, by Conrad Paumann

This so beautiful instrumental called "Mit Ganczem Willen" (With all my heart I wish you), was composed by Conrad Paumann (c. 1410 -- 1473), born in Nuremberg, Germany. Although he was blind, it doesn't stop him to became widely known master organist, composer and lutenist. In 1447 he became the official town organist of Nuremberg. This pieces is taken his famous book about organ playing (1452), called "Fundamentum Organisandi". Being as rebellious as he was talented, he left what was probably a stifling environment, and went secretly to Munich in 1450, where he was immediately employed by Duke Albrecht III as court organist, who also gave him a house. Munich was officially his home for the remainder of his life, although he began to travel extensively. Paumann, being blind, never wrote down his music, and may have been an improviser above all. He has been credited with inventing the system of tablature for the lute in Germany; while it cannot be proven, it seems reasonable both because of Paumann's influence, and because of the ease with which music can be dictated using tablature. Unquestionably his influence had much to do with the subsequent development of a culture of organ-playing and composition in Germany, a tradition which culminated in the 18th century with the work of J.S. Bach.
Version of this marvelous song is performed by "Música Antigua" directed by legendary Spanish composer, and musician - Eduardo Paniagua. Song can be found on album "La Conquista de Granada" from 2004.
In the movie you can see many authentic photos of Nuremberg as Imperial palace, Hangman Bridge, St Lawrence Cathedral...The main inspiration for making this video was legendary historical artifact: The Nuremberg Chronicle book. An illustrated biblical paraphrase and world history that follows the story of human history related in the Bible, includes the histories of a number of important Imperial cities. Written in Latin by Hartmann Schedel, with a version in German, translation by Georg Alt, it appeared in 1493. It is one of the best-documented early printed books—an incunabulum —and one of the first to successfully integrate illustrations and text.

Timbrado español campeones por equipos Azuqueca de Henares 2013

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some sense,sense,no sense

Sounds from web

Canario de canto

XXXV Festival Folklórico Internacional de Extremadura


Hoy lunes arranca en varias poblaciones de la región la programación del XXXV Festival Folklórico Internacional de Extremadura.

Las localidades extremeñas de Fuente de Cantos, San Vicente de Alcántara y Pueblonuevo del Guadiana se visten en esta jornada de lunes de gala para festejar una nueva edición del Festival Folklórico Internacional de Extremadura
Una edición en la que el público podrá disfrutar durante una semana de múltiples actuaciones del folclore popular. Este año son 8 los grupos invitados:  
Berlín, Ucrania, Portugal, Egipto, Costa Rica, Italia, Azerbaiyán y el grupo anfitrión de la Asociación de Coros y Danzas de Badajoz.
En Pueblonuevo del Guadiana actuarán los grupos de Costa Rica, Portugal y Berlín, en el caso de Fuente de Cantos serán los procedentes de Italia y Ucrania, mientras que en San Vicente de Alcántara actuarán las agrupaciones de Egipto y Azerbaiyán.

La programación del festival continuará mañana martes con los Juegos Tradicionales que se realizarán en el paseo de San Francisco de la capital pacense a las 11:30 horas. Una mañana lúdica y multicultural que inundará las calles pacenses de actividades para todos los públicos.
Unas actuaciones que el público de Badajoz también podrá presenciar en el Auditorio Municipal Ricardo Carapeto o en el Teatro López de Ayala, entre otros espacios.
in Extremadura Turismo 



A não perder !


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Canário Timbrado Espanhol

Canário Malinois Waterslager

Malinois Waterslager canary bird

Gotinha de água

Spanish timbrado canary bird

Dá-me uma gotinha de água

Gotinha D' Água

Photos from Internet

A Moda Mãe

A Moda Mãe - "Oh Tim Tim" from MPAGDP on Vimeo.

Alentejo Cantado at TEDxOporto

Cantadores do sul e Terra Mãe

Canário timbrado espanhol

Canário timbrado Espanhol

Canário Timbrado Espanhol

Em Ponte de Lima o ano passado ....

Ponte de Lima

Spanish timbrado canary bird

Enrico Caruso

Talijanska - Goran Bregovic (Time of the Gypsies Soundtrack)