25 de janeiro de 2015

Sounds from web

Arany Zoltán

Arany Zoltán

Singer canary bird from Bulgaria - Orpheus

canario timbrado español

Spanish timbrado canary bird from Greece



Melissa Elledge

Russian canari bird


23 de janeiro de 2015

A Baixa da Natalidade: As razões do Estado e os Direitos das Mulheres

Ana de Castro OsórioAna de Castro Osório (1872-1935)
Nasceu em Mangualde a 18 de Junho de 1872. Começou a escrever com vinte e três anos. Foi a fundadora da literatura infantil em Portugal, reformulando e celebrizando contos populares portugueses, ao mesmo tempo que publicava histórias originais. Fundou a revista feminina `A Sociedade Futura´ e foi uma das principais impulsionadoras da Liga Republicana das Mulheres Portuguesas, trabalhando e publicando várias obras sobre educação das crianças e a condição feminina, bem como numerosas obras didácticas.

18 de janeiro de 2015

Mondial 2015 made in Holand

Канарейки в Таджикистане фильм

El arte de vivir el Flamenco Anabel Rivera

Criador Antonio Orta - España - canario de canto

Весенний конкурс 2014. Москва. 1-е место

Russian Singer Canary Bird

Musica Portuguesa

Spanish timbrado canary bird from Greece

Musica Portuguesa

canário timbrado espanhol

16 de janeiro de 2015



Russian Canary Bird

cantai cantigas / sing songs

Trás-os-montes, a poor region in the north of Portugal.
2 trips, one on the summer, another on the winter time, searching for people and songs.
Bruno, 8 years-old ‘sings with the tapes’.
Deolinda ‘walks with the cows’ and show us the village cemetery that ‘has a lot to see’. Ti Ana, 90 years-old, sings songs by the fire with the neighbors who ask her to ‘sing another one’. Oral tradition songs, learned from her mother and grand-mother, sang in ‘mirandes’ a local dialect. The songs tell us tragic stories that might remind one of Shakespeare.
I shot this documentary in 1999 but just finished it in 2006. I always thought I would go back there one day. What I shot in 1999 I thought would be the first step in my research, not the entire film, but I never went back there. It is a project that I was dedicated to, so I decided to look at the footage I had with an open mind, trying not to think about what I wanted to do by then, but just watch what was actually in the images.
I was surprised how things made sense. My affection for the persons I was shooting with and the respect I felt for those were in the images and it already had an inner flow. This was the first time I felt my images were so clear, sharp, with everything right inside. And I could listen to those songs forever… there’s something primal and essential in them, in the way people live and relate with the landscape, the Nature, the fire…

Tirioni (Tradicional Portugal - Mirandese language)

Cardai cardicas cardai
la lhana pa los cobertores,
que las pulgas (e)stan prenhadas,
van a parir cardadores.

Tirioni tioni tioni
tirioni tioni tiono

La moda d´l Tirioni
quin l´havi(e) d(e)aumentare?
Un burro d(e)un cardadore
que la truxo pal´lhugare!

L´lhugar de Du(e)s Eigreijas
te(n) una pidra bermelha
donde se sentam los moçus
a peinar a la guedeilha.

L´lhugar de Du(e)s Eigreijas
te(n) una pidra redonda
donde se sentam los moçus
quando benam de la ronda.

Ceara Conway

Idioma mirandés
Mirandese language
Língua mirandesa

15 de janeiro de 2015

Bird of Dawn

A composer struggles to host a concert featuring female singers as public performances by women are banned in Iran. In 2011, Sara Najafi, a young composer from Tehran, decides to try and make her dream become a reality: hosting a public concert featuring the best contemporary Iranian and French female singers. But public performances by solo female vocalists in front of men have been banned in Iran since 1979. To stage such a concert, Sara has to coordinate the busy schedules of the performers as well as secure the agreement both of the Iranian culture ministry and the religious authorities. Over three years, the camera traces her progress, the highs and lows as agreements are issued then revoked, permits offered then declined, forcing Sara to start the process all over again. But she is tenacious and firmly believes that eventually the concert will take place. Bird of Dawn is a fascinating and dramatic film, giving deep insight into modern Iranian voices and views and exploring with tact and sensitivity Iran's musical heritage and the issues of censorship and prohibition. more in Al Jazeera

El arte de vivir el flamenco de Tomás Pavón

El arte de vivir el flamenco uno bueno 2015 !

Zaragoza 2014 - 6º campeonato de canários de canto - FECC